I am Providence

The ambassador of horror

The Empires Of Death

EP 2017

Three brand new songs delivered at your digital inn. Available march 14 2017. 15'th of march update: Songs are available on Spotify

Recorded at Studio Hatecraft by Puteraeon.
Engineered by D.V.
Mixing and mastering and extra filth will be added by Dan Swanö.

Track listing:

  1. Providence
  2. At the Altars
  3. Epitaph

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The video trilogy

As you might expect, or not, the three songs from the "The Empires Of Death" EP will also be available as videos. The first video in the trilogy will be premiered on march 18 - right here at puteraeon.com!

Proudly introducing: EPITAPH (video 3 of 3)

Proudly introducing: AT THE ALTARS (video 2 of 3)

Proudly introducing: PROVIDENCE (video 1 of 3)

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Next live assault

Puteraeon tour dates
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The empires of death EP
Live uptakes

PUTERAEON was spawned in Alingsås, Sweden 2008 by guitarist & vocalist Jonas Lindblood (Taetre). "I started doing some oldschool riffs that took me back to my roots in death metal". Some songs were posted on the net and there was a big demand for demos. Jonas did all in all 3 demos during the time of 2008-2009.

All demos were very well recieved within the underground. The demos got really good reviews and loads of interviews were made.

At the same time he had contacted both Anders Malmström, drums (ex-Nominon, Prophanity, Immemoreal, ex-Inverted) and Daniel Vandija, bass (13itch). And they were pursuaded to join. But all took some time.

When the band finally got together and started rehersing, the contract with Cyclone Empire was allready inked. Hasse Sörensen who was in the band a short while on guitar was replaced by Rune Foss (Exempt, Reclusion, Aggro).

Finally in early 2011, the band is all set and ready to go. "The Esoteric Order" (T.E.O) mixed and mastered by Andy LaRocque @ Sonic Train studios, is an oldschool Swedish death metal album, blasting with rot and phlegm.

Following the success of T.E.O, Puteraeon hit the stage for the first time at Överrocken in Alingsås/Sweden. During the same year the swedish cities Gothenburg (twice) and Finspång got haunted by us and also the highlight Party San Open Air.

Early 2012 after a period of writing songs Puteraeon hit the stage in Västervik (se) in between recordings of the follow up to T.E.O, entitled Cult Cthulhu (C.C). The album was recorded with technician/producer/engineer/sound tech Kristian RZA Isaksson. Final mix and master again at Sonic Train Studios and Andy LaRoque. The album was released on June 1'st via Cyclone Empire.

With the arrival of the autumn Puteraeon made yet another visit to Gothenburg and for the first time a gig in Denmark - Aalborg metal festival. To end the year 2012 Puteraeon played (and also shoot part of the "The Azatoth Cycle" video) at the R.I.P gig at one of our hometowns primary venues (the local governments in Sweden do not understand true culture as it was them who shutted the venue down). A week later we went down to Berlin får the Nocturnus Festival vol.II.

2013 was a busy year but not releasing nor doing too many live shows. However a small really successful mini-tour with fellow deathsters Revel In Flesh took place during early summer ending with Protzen Open Air.

2014 took a turn for the better and we part-took the infamous "Imperial Anthems"series, the number 13 in the suite. A 7" split with Revel In Flesh (tough our songs were recorded during 2013 by RZA as engineer). And recorded the "The Crawling Chaos" album at our newly created "Studio Hatecraft". Mixing and mastering was again done by Andy La Rocque at Sonic Train Studios. The album was released by Cyclone Empire Records.

Various gigs were done as well with the highlight of the year; Stockholm Death Fest!

2015 didn't pass too quiet, but was mainly focused on creating a better studio and doing a few select gigs such as opening for The Crown before they headed off to Japan and opening for Cut Up for their release fest.

2016 and no longer under the banner of a record label we decided to finish up the creation of Studio Hatecraft. During the fall of 2016 we started to record what you now are waiting for, namely the "The Empires Of Death" EP. Mixing and mastering will this time be taken care of by Dan Svanö. We're expecting to release the final songs during the first quarter of 2017…

The future looks bright, the future looks rotten, embrace our Cult of the dreamless sleep of Cthulhu…

Ia! Ia! Cthulhu fthagn!

Backstage Rockbar - Varberg/SWE

Mar 18 2017. w/o support

Sticky Fingers - Gothenburgh/SWE

Oct 14 2016 with Entombed A.D


Aug 27 2016 at Stadsparken with Grimner, Frozen Iller.

Gefle Metal Festival

Sat 16 2016 with Anthrax, Behemoth, Kreator, Dark Tranquillity, Overkill, Amorphis, Obituary, Abbath, and alot more

Darkest days of Stockholm

March 25 2016 - At En Arena Globen "DDOS" with Blood Red Throne and Rotten Sound Dead Congregation, Entrails, Deathrite, Sodom, Diabolical, Deathstorm, Arreat Summit, and The Crown


March 16 2016. At MX Rockbar with The Crown.

Belsepub - Gothenburgh/SWE

Feb 27 2016 - with Creeping Flesh


June 26 2015 At Nöjesfabriken - Cut Up release fest. With Cut Up & Niflheim Facebook event

Jan 10 2015 At Sticky Fingers With The Crown
Oct 25 2014 At Belsepub With Turbocharged, Hedon
May 25 2014 At MX With Turbocharged, Hedon
May 17 2014 At Kägelbanan/Södra Teatern - Stockholm Death Fest. With Hail of Bullets, Deranged, Sectu, Souldrainer, Intestinal Gig poster
April 26 2014 At Downtown
20/6 With Revel in Flesh & Incarceration
Boiled in Blood
21/6 @ Emden Germany. With: Revel in Flesh & Eastfrisian Terror Juz Alte Post, Cirksenastr. 2A, 26721 Emden Doors: 20:00  
Protzen Open Air
June 21-23, Puteraeon plays on Saturday.
Püssy a go go
Stockholm - May 17'th 2013. With Verminous
Berlin - December 8 2012. View the gigposter K17, Pettenkofer Str. 17a, 10247 Berlin (Friedrichshain) (U/S Bahnhof Frankfurter Allee) View event on Facebook
Metal Night (the final and last event at Fabriken)
Alingsås/Sweden december 1st 2012 @ Fabriken. Gig poster View event on Facebook
Aalborg Metal Festival 2012
Friday November 2nd 2012 @ Studenterhuset, Aalborg, Denmark A three day festival and our first gig in Denmark with Fear Factory, Devin Townsend Project, Rotten Sound and alot more
Master, Puteraeon, Blood Mortized
Saturday October 26th 2012 @ Truckstop Alaska, Gothenburg, Sweden Facebook event page 
Rotten Death Metal
Saturday march 24 2012 @ MX Rockbar, Alingsås, Sweden A tank is coming to our hometown! With NOMINON & INTESTINAL
Night of the living Death II
Saturday february 18 2012 @ Folkets Hus, Västervik, Sweden The second installment...with PAGANIZER and INTESTINAL
Gothenburgh Deathfest
Saturday november 5 @Henriksberg, Stigbergsliden 7, Gothenburgh with Beheaded (Malta), Carnal Decay (Switzerland), Godless Truth (Czech Republic), Inhuman Deformity (Sweden), Insision (Sweden), Mass Infection (Greece), Seed (South Korea)
Finspång, Östergötland, Sweden
Saturday, October 22 @ Finspång with Paganizer and Intestinal.
Party.San Metal Open Air
August 11-13th, 2011 Schlotheim, Germany Flugplatz Obermehler
Rotten Death
March 26th, 2011 "Esoteric order" @ Belsepub, Gothenburg, Sweden
Dead Once More
February 5'th, 2011 "Dead Once More" release gig @ Överrocken, Alingsås, Sweden with (JHATOR)
Jonas Lindblood
tab1 Born: -77 Nickname: Lindblood, the doctor Handles: Guitars & Vokills Previous/Other bands: Taetre, Deletion, Thorium, Equipment: Ltd Ex-400, Randahl amp, Boss Hm2, Boss Ns2 Influenced by: Late '80s & early '90s metal music. Fave food: I like spicy food. Extremly spicy thai food is close to where my heart was. Fave drinks: Coffee Endorsed by: nofear tattoo Best Puteraeon song: "Experience zombiefication" Best Puteraeon gig: Essential albums: Dismember "Like an everflowing stream", Entombed "Clandestine", At The Gates "Gardens of grief", Grave "You'll never see" Euthanasia: Witchcraft 1.01 Last rites:: En ost & baconkorv med västkust
Rune Foss
tab1 Born: -73 Nickname: God, fuckface and yerk Handles: Guitars, backing vocals Previous/Other bands: Exempt, Aggro, Reclusion, Killaman Equipment: Ibanez RG7, Epiphone Gothic Explorer, Marshall Valvestate, Boss Hm2, Boss NS-2 Influenced by: Pestilence, Autopsy and Terrorizer Fave food: Almost anything grilled if it contains garlic Fave drinks: Beer and water Endorsed by: My family Best Puteraeon song: Dead Once More Best Puteraeon gig: TBA Essential albums: Pink Floyd - "Dark side of the moon" Euthanasia:Warehouse rat Last rites: Chicken Curry

Daniel Vandija
tab1 Born: -75 Nickname: TD Handles: Bass, gadgets and tools Previous/Other bands: 13itch, Absinth Equipment: Music Man Stingray 4, Trace Elliot GP7SM200, Trace Elliot 1153 (1x15) Trace Elliot 2103 (2x10) Influenced by: Myself Fave food: anything grilled, fat and spicy as hell Fave drinks: Coffee Endorsed by: Me Best Puteraeon song: Dead Once More Best Puteraeon gig: All of them. Essential albums: Entombed - Left Hand Path, Dismember - Like An Ever Flowing stream, Grave - Into The Grave, Unleashed - Where No Life Dwells Euthanasia: yes! Last rites: Kebabtallrik med stark sås + General Lös att njuta av efter maten.
Anders Malmström
Gs Born: in fire and gs -75 Nickname: Gs, Wouthan, AwGs Handles: Drums & the hammer of Gs Previous/Other bands: Absurdo Culto, Prophanity, Immemoreal, Nominon, Inverted, Ol Sonuf Vaoresaji, Absinth Equipment: Artbeat drumstix! Influenced by: Nature Fave food: Anything properly cooked Fave drinks: Beer, water, mead, coffe Endorsed by: Artbeat Drumstix Best Puteraeon song: Storms over Devil's Reef Best Puteraeon gig: Överrocken 2011 Essential albums: Mötley Crüe - Too fast for love, Bathory - any, Morbid Angel - any (almost), Holy Terror - Mindwars Euthanasia: Yes. Last rites: In the trail of fathers for future victories!

Official releases

The Crawling Chaos - CD/LP 2014.jpg

The Crawling Chaos - CD/LP 2014

  1. Wrath
  2. In Dreamdead Sleep
  3. Path To Oblivion
  4. Pickmans Model
  5. From The Ethereal Vortex
  6. The Crawling Chaos
  7. The Abyssal
  8. Asenath
  9. Rotten Aeon
  10. Welcome Death

Released through Cyclone Empire Records Recorded at Putercraft studios during autumn/winter 2013/2014 Mixed & mastered by Andy la Rocque at Sonic Train Studios during winter 2014.

Imperial Anthems #13. Split vinyl 7

Imperial Anthems #13. Split vinyl 7"

SIDE A (Puteraeon)

  1. Rotten Aeon
  2. To Steal The Flesh

SIDE B (Revel in Flesh)

  1. A Chant Of Misery

Released through Cyclone Empire Records
Recorded at Putercraft studios
Mixed & mastered by RZA at RZA Mobile Studios.

Cult Cthulhu - CD/LP 2012

Cult Cthulhu - CD/LP 2012

  1. The Great Epidemic Of 1846
  2. Children Of Dagon
  3. The Azathoth Cycle
  4. Shoggoth
  5. Flesh Architect
  6. In The Vault
  7. Conlaceratus
  8. Walking With Shadows
  9. Shapeshifter
  10. A Bolt From The Grave
  11. Liberation

Released through Cyclone Empire Records
Recorded at RZA Mobile Recordings during January-March 2012
Mixed & mastered by Andy la Rocque at Sonic Train Studios during March 2012.

The Esoteric Order

The Esoteric Order - CD/LP 2011

  1. Storms Over Devil's Reef
  2. Graverobber
  3. Coma
  4. Experience Zombification
  5. Whispers Of The Dead
  6. Dead Once More
  7. Castle Of Despair ***
  8. The Innsmouth Insanity
  9. The Plague
  10. Into The Deep ***
  11. The Extraordinary Work of Herbert West
  12. Re-Animation
  13. The End Of All

Released through Cyclone Empire Records
Recorded at Studio Decay, Studio Stunlight, Studio Nolight during 2010
Mixed and Mastered at Sonic Train Studios, Varberg, Sweden by Andy LaRoque
Produced by Andy LaRoque & Puteraeon
*** Will only appear on the ltd.ed. 1'st press of the Cd-release

The extraordinary work of Herbert West - demo 2009

The extraordinary work of Herbert West - demo 2009

  1. The Extraordinary work of Herbert West
  2. Experience Zombiefication
  3. Demonized
  4. Flesh Architect
  5. Dead Once More
  6. Shapeshifter
  7. The Innsmouth Insanity
  8. The End of All

Total playing time 31:30

The Requiem - demo 2008

The Requiem - demo 2008

  1. The Requiem
  2. Whispers of the Dead
  3. Into the Deep
  4. City of Living Dead
  5. Wasteland Horror
  6. Re-animation
  7. Haunted Spirit
  8. Of the Twilight
  9. Graverobber
  10. 2nd edition bonustrack

Total playing time 31:41

Fascination for Mutilation - demo 2008

Fascination for Mutilation - demo 2008

  1. The Plague
  2. Butchery Torment
  3. Castle of Despair
  4. Buried Shadows
  5. Timewarped
  6. Bloodcult
  7. Cannibalistic
  8. Werewolf

Total playing time 27:19


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